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Relaxation Yoga in El Paso: Yields the Stages of Yoga

Relaxation Yoga in El Paso is a firm believer in leveled lessons. Partaking in a suitable class for you is essential to progressing in your practice. Since everybody is different, instructors will often give adjustments and leveling. Injury is more likely if the basic alignment rules are not abided by. Join us for one of the other tier classes if you're familiar with yoga postures. Select the appropriate class for you!


Tier 1: Our classes concentrate on the fundamentals to help students establish a solid physical and mental base. These classes are perfect for someone who is new to yoga or wants to further their fundamental skills.

Tier 2: The El Paso yoga for relaxation classes surmise that students have a basic understanding of poses. Variations on the fundamentals will be considered. These classes push students to go deeper while still expecting them to go at their speed and value their bodies' limits and needs.

Tier 3: Experienced practitioners and students will benefit from the classes offered here. When it comes to pushing forward and backing off, students are supposed to know when to do so.

Tier 4: Students of all skill levels are welcome to attend All Tiers courses, which range from beginners to advanced. There are several opportunities for customization as well as ways to progress.

Descriptions of Classes

The Building Blocks: This is one of the cornerstones of relaxation therapy, and this is a complete novice class that focuses on postures, balance, and breathing fundamentals. This class will assist in the development of a healthy and robust base for a yoga practice.

Structure: The classes are pretty fast-paced, with a strong emphasis on proper balance and pose. Courses may be comprehensive in scope or narrowly centered on a specific body part. Students should plan to use a variety of props to help them achieve optimum alignment.

Stepwise Approach or Vinyasa: It connects postures with a series of movements that move in sync with the breath. Since there is less time between each pose, it is vital to maintain an even and steady breathing pattern. We'll look at inversions and arm balances. Vinyasa classes are usually full-range, working the entire body and flowing smoothly throughout.

Robust: this one is a Vinyasa Level 2/3 class that focuses on more advanced asanas. Expect a fast-paced, upbeat style with few breaks, in which students must use breath control to remain present while still respecting their limits. This class is for seasoned practitioners in good health who want to experiment with more demanding sequences, postures, and subtle practices.

Progressive Practice: This is an advanced alignment-based class for advanced yoga. The course starts with a supervised rehearsal in which the teacher performs alongside the students (ample yoga knowledge is assumed; expect minimal adjustments and cueing). Students may have the option of being encouraged in current areas of personal discovery or staying on the class track while the practice progresses. You can either practice for the whole class period or quit whenever you want. Before taking this class, you must have a common, consistent approach at the studio. Students should be able to kick into a handstand (at the wall) and straighten their arms into wheel pose, although exceptions will make on a case-by-case basis with prior instructor’s approval. If you have never taken a yoga class before and are unsure if this one is right for you, please contact our studio ahead of time.

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Relaxation Yoga in El Paso commits to people’s well-being; thus, come in today and speak with one of our expert instructors. They will customize a yoga routine just for you.


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